Brand upgrade | HIPO Lighting releases new VI system

Time : 2023-07-20
Category : Company

As a manufacturer specializing in outdoor lighting solutions, Guangdong HIPO Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HIPO Lighting), in order to better express the brand’s concept, now officially releases a new brand visual identity system (Hereinafter referred to as VI). From now on, HIPO Lighting officially launches the new version of its brand trademark and brand image.

VI 1.jpg

HIPO Lighting comprehensively upgraded the brand VI, injecting new vitality into the brand, and injecting new momentum for the brand's sustainable development.

Stronger identification
The new brand logo interprets the brand's slogan of "Dedicated to achieving professionalism" with a more explosive vision, presenting a new brand of HIPO Lighting.

The newly designed brand trademark consists of two parts , including the English graphic "NAPO" and the company’s name written in Chinese character "南浦". The English graphic has a red "√" symbol, which expresses the company's upward development and the continuous innovation of product design and R&D technology.

<Standard color system display>

<White color system display>

The upgraded brand trademark enhances the sense of power. The brand font "南浦照明" conforms to the graphic design of the trademark. The simple and concise strokes are powerful and resounding, carrying HIPO Lighting's determination to transform, evolve and transcend.

01 More prominent colors

The new version of the brand trademark uses dark blue + Chinese red as the main colors. Dark blue reflects the industry attributes of industrialization, environmental protection, and technology; red, as a complementary color to blue, is very logical and gives people a strong visual impact, which greatly increases the brand recognition.

02 More standardized applications


Based on the new version of the brand trademark, an overall visual identity system has been formulated, and the application of various online and offline materials has been refined to create an exclusive visual carrier for HIPO Lighting to ensure the standardization, unification of HIPO Lighting's external image.

The HIPO exhibition hall with new brand style also took the lead as a stage for the extension of new VI applications, showing everyone all-round application scenarios, integrating them into brand’s decoration style, and performing more excitement in the three-dimensional space.


03 A new start, a new chapter

The VI launch is an image update and a strategic upgrade. HIPO Lighting has been established for more than fifteen years since 2007, has solid industrial roots and market presence. Now that the company has entered a period of rapid development, HIPO Lighting shoulders a new mission, adheres to the spirit of independent design, research and development, innovation and breakthrough, deeply cultivates the market in the field of outdoor lighting, and embarks on a new journey with a more stable steps.