Innovative lighting Light up the world | HIPO Lighting at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair(Autumn Edition)

Time : 2023-11-02
Category : Company

The 25th Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition), organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from October 27 to 30, 2023, and Guangdong HIPO Lighting Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HIPO Lighting"), with "NAPO" as the product brand, made a stunning debut.


Professional outdoor lighting manufacturer covers research, production and sales.

The booth was crowded with people and the atmosphere was lively. Products exhibited by HIPO lighting this time include indoor and outdoor lighting products such as street lights, LED floodlights, solar floodlights, industrial highbay lights, and landscape lighting.

A series of innovative lighting products and solutions were presented at the exhibition hall, showing the new lighting technologies and applications independently designed and developed by HIPO. The products displayed on site attracted the interest of the audience. The constant flow of merchants on site shows the charm of HIPO Lighting's as a source manufacturer.

Technical specialization and high-end products

HIPO Lighting focus on core lighting technology and persist in independent R&D. It displays many mid-to-high-end outdoor lighting fixtures in the exhibition hall, as well as various energy-efficient and high-performance lighting technologies to meet the needs of the market.

S02 | Kestrel 2 series solar streetlight

  • Simple appearance with good self-cleaning performance.

  • Tempered glass illuminated surface, with high light transmittance and ultraviolet -resistance function, not easy to be yellowing and weathering in contrast with PC cover.

  • Structural waterproof design, IP66, IK08, Extended and thickened casing, stainless steel 304 connector,2 independent safety ropes.

  • The battery, controller, and LEDs are integrated together, connecting with the photovoltaic panels with a single cable for easier connection.

  • High-efficiency LEDs, the effect of whole luminaire up to 180-200lm/W.

  • MPPT charging management, always charges the battery at the maximum power.

  • MCU control and temperature management system protect the battery from damage caused by overcharge, over voltage, over-discharge, under-voltage, over-temperature, etc.

  • Multiple control methods: light-level control, time sequence control, MW control, etc.

  • Photovoltaic panels are adjustable 360° horizontally and 52° vertically suitable for use on roads in different latitudes and directions.

  • Patented elbow casing connector enable the luminaire to be installed on straight or horizontal poles only by changing direction of the connector. The elevation angle is ±10° adjustable.

  • The level and compass on the conjunction base facilitate positioning and angle adjustment of photovoltaic panel.

U02 | Leopard 2 series industrial highbay

  • The product has a light and thin appearance, high brightness, good heat dissipation, quick installation, and wide application range;

  • Integrated die-cast aluminum, gill plate heat dissipation design, lightweight lamp body, with better heat dissipation effect; 

  • Redundant light source design, multiple high-power LED lamp chips, with high thermal conductivity, low light attenuation, pure light color, and no ghosting;

  • On/off, MW microwave induction, PIR infrared induction, multiple control methods, high efficiency and energy saving;

  • Integrated circular PC optical lens, with high light transmission efficiency and uniform light output;

  • Two installation methods, hanging ring and U-shaped bracket are available, suitable for a variety of installation scenarios.

F02 | LED floodlight

  • The products have seamless front frame, no screws, smooth lines and simple appearance.

  • Integrated die-cast shell, anti-corrosion spraying surface, with flow channel heat dissipation, and good heat dissipation effect.

  • Using tempered glass, with high light transmittance, anti-UV aging, no deformation, and no yellowing.

  • IP65 & IK06.

  • Built-in anti-siphon device, it is safe and reliable.

  • The bracket can be installed directly by an electric batch, making the installation more convenient and flexible.

  • It should be used in outdoor parking lots, courtyards, sports fields, squares, billboards and other indoor or outdoor places.

Innovative lighting lights up the world

Participating in the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair is a key step for HIPO Lighting to develop the global market. As a tool to open up the market, the solar street lights, floodlights and other products exhibited at the exhibition are also in-depth research on the market and are extremely innovative. In the future, HIPO Lighting will continue to invest in overseas market development and the research and development of foreign trade products. The future of the lighting industry is full of possibilities, HIPO Lighting will adhere to the innovation, to bring customers more excellent products.